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Shelton's Sommelier has picked 3 Choice Red Wines
and 3 Choice White Wines for purchase.
Each of our vineyards ship their wines directly to you from their barrel rooms.

Sommerlier's Choice - Red Wines

Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2005


The weather, plus physiologically mature vines, combined to produce what we believe to be the finest Cabernet Sauvignon that we have bottled in our short history. Concentrated flavors of red currant, cedar, and hints of chocolate support the ample structure of soft and clean tannins. These soft but firm tannins are the hallmark of Yadkin Valley red wines.

Estate Merlot, Yadkin Valley 2005


Our Merlot is another stellar red wine from a spectacular vintage. The drought conditions in 2005 produced exceptional grapes for our harvest. Intense, rich flavors of cherry, tea, and vanilla characterize our 2005 Merlot. A pleasing texture that is soft and round helps create a very approachable Merlot. This wine is superb with Duck, Filet Mignon, Chateaubriand, veal and a host of other beef dishes.

Estate Cabernet Franc 2005


This wine is filled with rich black fruit flavors, accented with the spiciness unique to Cabernet Franc and a hint of saddle leather. This wine would be an excellent choice to serve with beef, game, lamb or spicy dishes.

3 Red Wines - TOTAL of $47.97

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Estate Chardonnay 2006


Lean and austere, our 2006 Estate Chardonnay has focused flavors of melon and pear while maintaining the citrus character - a signature component of this wine. Aging "Sur Lies" in French oak for 10 months adds subtle nuances of caramel and vanilla to the overall taste profile.

Yadkin Valley Riesling 2008


A lovely floral and fruity Riesling with subtle hints of apricot, honey, apple and peach. Well-balanced alcohol and acidity provide the structural backbone and a clean, crisp finish. Excellent with spicy dishes.

Sauvignon Blanc, Yadkin Valley 2007


Our light, dry, crisp and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc has hints of grapefruit and ripe melon. This wine pairs beautifully with oysters, shrimp, or chicken or is great by itself on a hot summer day.

3 White Wines - TOTAL of $42.97

$5 OFF Shipping will be applied to your order.